About Us

We are a corporate body, duly registered under the laws of Federal Republic of Nigeria as an Incorporated Trustee, and officially recognized by the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Ministry of Communications (now Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy) as the official industry association, created for the advocacy, promotion and protection of interest of local ICT practitioners, enforcement and implementation of the Acts, Orders and other Local Content related policies of government on the use and deployment of indigenous Information Communication Technology products and services in the Nigerian economy.

In addressing Critical Sectors, curbing Capital Flight, addressing Cyber-Security Threats’ and ensuring the protection of viable data, it’s important to adopt a common pathway.

The Association was established to ensure and promote indigenous participation in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry and registered to cut across all related sectors and Industry by ensuring that priorities are given to indigenous services companies.



To advocate for the promotion, protection and patronage of local ICT goods and services.


To be the foremost Association in Nigeria promoting and protecting the interest of local ICT practitioners engaged in the provision of ICT goods and services.

Professional Community

ICTLOCA teams is made of seasoned professionals who have distinguished themselves in the field of ICT content development and provision.