Our role is spelt out across Executive Orders and Acts of Government. We ensure the Local Content Policing from the Public-Private Partnership established to Advocate, Promote and Protect the ICT Local Content Creator or Practitioner, across Sectors and Industries'.

Membership Policy
Individual Membership

Information Technologist, Health Care Practitioners, Financial Experts, Consumer Discretionaries, Communication Service Professionals, Industrial Consultants, Consumer Staple Managers, Energy Analyst, Utility Managers, Real Estate Agents, and Materials Agent.

Corporate Membership

Corporate, Non-profits, and Government Organizations.

 Social Media Channels

Ensure that you follow our Social Media links and participate actively in executing our mandate. The Government needs support to make our Local Content a Global Brand.

Membership Support

A Support Desk is always available to respond to your company as regards all Orders and Acts of Government on Local Content. Please, ensure global standards are met.

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